Earnings season insights - September 2018

Posted by James Cavanough on 20-Sep-2018 16:50:15

FY2018 results

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The Power of Holistic and Independent Financial Advice

Posted by James Cavanough on 02-May-2018 13:00:12

Our mission

In 2013, Ian Walker and I established Lantern Advisory to "deliver holistic and independent advice to create and protect the wealth of our clients". However, our mission has always been much deeper than this statement.

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More to Investing than Term Deposits and Blue Chip Shares

Posted by James Cavanough on 01-Mar-2018 09:12:15

The Australian term deposit landscape

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What should you do now that reporting season is over?

Posted by Ian Walker on 03-Oct-2016 19:58:50

The reporting season is over and the Federal Reserve meeting for September has past. Footy finals have concluded ... so what's next to keep us interested on the news-front?

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September Earnings Investment Review

Posted by James Cavanough on 14-Sep-2016 15:44:51

During August (which is when Australian companies report their profit earnings), the results have revealed, on average, solid health and this has helped support the local economy.

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