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Ian is a highly experienced practitioner in the field of financial planning and wealth management with over 20 years experience supporting Australian business owners, individuals and families.
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Why do interest rates get so much BBQ talk time?

Posted by Ian Walker on 19-Aug-2019 17:03:17

Since the start of this calendar year, and certainly since the Federal election, the topic of interest rates, and what direction they will move in, is always popular at social and business functions. Maybe it’s an easy topic for small talk, as everyone has an opinion and people are really interested in knowing (or guessing) the movement up or down and which central bank will be next to cut.

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Why invest in international equities?

Posted by Ian Walker on 30-Apr-2019 15:55:35

As we head into the federal election, one of the more contentious policy announcements has been the removal of refunding franking credits, in certain circumstances.

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bubbles, downturns and headwinds ... let's talk property

Posted by Ian Walker on 20-Sep-2018 17:41:51

There has been plenty of media coverage lately on the property bubble, the property downturn, the property headwinds, first home buyers, too many units and many other click-bait-orientated headlines. 

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Financial Considerations in Your 40s Blog

Posted by Ian Walker on 31-Jul-2018 20:20:22

Following on from my previous blog, Financial Advice for 30 Somethings, I thought I would touch on financial considerations for people in their 40s.

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alternative options to investing in property

Posted by Ian Walker on 22-Oct-2017 10:26:20

The love affair between Australian individuals and their bricks and mortar properties is well known and will continue to be part of our culture in the future.

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Topics: property investment, alternative options to investing in property

Tips for new investors

Posted by Ian Walker on 20-Oct-2017 14:13:36

Whether you are making your first plunge into the investment market, or due to unforeseen circumstances you need to start investing later in life, there are some basic tips outlined below that you should consider before starting your investment process.

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Accessing Multinational Investment Opportunities

Posted by Ian Walker on 28-Jul-2017 08:54:01

We were lucky enough to have Chris Weldon, Portfolio Manager from Davis Advisors, New York; visit our offices recently to discuss the benefits of international investments and how they can play a role in a diversified portfolio.

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Topics: international investing, accessing multinational investment opportunities

Successful Finance Strategies for 30-40 Year Olds

Posted by Ian Walker on 08-Feb-2017 18:51:48

For most Australians, the greatest amount of financial pressure will take place from age 30 to 40. Getting married, higher education (or paying it off), mortgage repayments, career breaks and providing for children can make controlling the weekly cash flow difficult during this time.

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trump election win - what does this mean for Australian business owners and investors?

Posted by Ian Walker on 10-Nov-2016 22:09:56

Trump won ... it happened ... so now what?

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What should you do now that reporting season is over?

Posted by Ian Walker on 03-Oct-2016 19:58:50

The reporting season is over and the Federal Reserve meeting for September has past. Footy finals have concluded ... so what's next to keep us interested on the news-front?

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